Cosas Object Packs

COSAS Object Packs

These object packs are releases from Digital Nightfall and the rest of the COSAS team.
Information on credits is provided in the release packs, along with a dromed only mis file to show you the actual objects in the pack.

For more information on the Circle of Stone and Shadow, please visit The Circle of Stone and Shadow. For more information on these object packs, please visit The thread at TTLG.

release pack 1Cosas Object Packs178 beds
release pack 2Cosas Object PacksPortcullises
release pack 3Cosas Object PacksLadders
release pack 4Cosas Object Packs18 Keys
release pack 5Cosas Object PacksTinderbox and Flares
release pack 6Cosas Object Packs103 Chairs
release pack 7Cosas Object PacksChests, Boxes, and Luggage
release pack 8Cosas Object PacksFolded Clothes
release pack 9Cosas Object PacksBooks and Scrolls
release pack 10Cosas Object PacksLight Gem and Health Shields
release pack 11Cosas Object Packs80 Doors
release pack 12Cosas Object PacksTiffany Lamps
release pack 13Cosas Object Packs58 Tables and Stands
release pack 14Cosas Object PacksNoble Skins and Drunk Voice
release pack 15Cosas Object PacksLights of all Types
release pack 16Cosas Object PacksDesks, Cabinets, and Dressers
release pack 17Cosas Object PacksDrapes
release pack 18Cosas Object PacksMusical
release pack 19Cosas Object PacksFlowers
release pack 20Cosas Object PacksBookcases
release pack 21Cosas Object PacksLoot
release pack 22Cosas Object PacksPub Set
release pack 23Cosas Object PacksBathroom Set
release pack 24Cosas Object PacksGambling Set
release pack 25Cosas Object PacksBow and Quiver
Release packs 1 – 25 in one fileRelease packs 1-25
release pack 26Dagger Motions