Thief:Deadly Shadows Fan Missions.
These fan missions require an original copy of Thief:Deadly Shadows and a copy of Garrettloader   to play.
Many thanks to Potterr for his work on Garrettloader
Updated 11/14/2009

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Mission NameZip File(Estimated) SizeReadmeAuthor
Krellek's Labyrinth 84.2 MB ReadmeofLabyrinth.txt ascottk
Forgotten Stash 24.5 MB ForgottenStash.txt Bardic
Escape From Castle Black 23.8 MB escapecastleblack.txt Bho
Silence Part1 v1.2 109 MB SilencePart1v1_1.txt CrackedGear
Skulduggery 16.5 MB Skulduggery.txt Crispy
Creature Clash Thief 3 v2 13.7 MB CreatureClashThief3.txt Dark Arrow
Lord Raven's Mansion 39.9 MB LordRavensMansionv1.2.2.txt DarkDragon
Avoiding Mistrust 39.9 MB AvoidingMistrust.txt DarkDragon
Cabot 15.8 MB Cabot.txt Flux
Valley 77 MB Valley5.txt Flux
Special Vintage 37.5 MB SpecialVintage.txt Gonchong
Starting From Scratch 20.3 MB startingfromscratch.txt joebarnin
Crystal Clear Conscience 61.5 MB CrystalClear.txt Judith
Defender of the Crown 22.0 MB DefenderoftheCrown.txt Komag
Lord Julians Labyrinth 11.9 MB LordJuliansLabyrinthv1_1.txt massimilianogoi
Evicted 1.4 14.2 MB Evicted_Readme.rtf Nomad
The Crypt 30 MB TheCrypt.txt Norbik
All the World's a Stage 43.7 MB stage.txt Rantako
The Keeper 38.6 MB The_Keeper.txt savar
The Hotel 52.6 MB Hotel_13.txt savar
The Blue Rose 61.5 MB Blue_Rose_1.1.txt savar
The Secret Room 61.5 MB SecretRoom.txt savar
Bad Feeling 57 MB badfeeling.txt Serge
The Walk 23.7 MB ReadmeoftheWalk.txt Serge
The Bridge 92.6 MB bridge.txt str8g8
The Oldstone Castle 48 MB oldstonecastle.txt Tiens
Hearts and Minds - compressed version 15.8 MB No readme Ziemanskye
Hearts and Minds- all files 54 MB No readme Ziemanskye
Impurities in the Mix (zip file is names Schism) 52.7 MB ReadmeofzSchism.txt Ziemanskye
Two Steps (Zip file is named townhouse) 28.0 MB TDS_Townhouse.txt Ziemanskye

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